California Obamacare is the Affordable Health Care Act
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Health insurance

California's Obamacare is called the Affordable Health Care Act (passed 3/21/10):
Currently, there are 32 million without health insurance. The new health insurance coverage expansion begins in 2014. When fully phased in, 95 percent of eligible Americans would have health insurance coverage, compared with 83 percent today.

Health insurance mandate - Almost everyone is required to get health insurance or else pay a fine. There is an exemption for low-income people. Mandate takes effect in 2014.

Health insurance reforms - Starting three years ago, health insurance carriers have been forbidden from placing lifetime dollar limits on policies, from denying coverage to children because of pre-existing conditions, and from canceling policies because someone gets sick. Parents are able to keep older kids on their health insurance coverage up to age 26. A new high-risk pool will offer coverage to uninsured people with medical problems until 2014, when the coverage expansion goes into high gear. Major consumer safeguards will also take effect in 2014. Health insurance providers will be prohibited from denying coverage to people with medical problems or charging them more. Health insurance carriers will not charge women more. is an informational and advice site designed to help citizens understand the federal health care law of 2010. Privacy Policy.